Plus 8

With 17 years in the music industry, John Acquaviva has played for over 2 million people and has appeared at over 5000 gigs. Always at the vanguard of the DJ and club world, today he is hotter than ever. He is crafting new anthems for today’s clubs and clubbers, and working with and introducing a new generation of DJs and artists on his own label Definitive Recordings, as well as other labels such as Blufin & Craft.

John began his international career in 1989 with Richie Hawtin by founding one of the world's best known and influential techno labels, Plus 8 Records. John and Richie not only launched their own careers, but also those of now huge techno figures Jochem Paap/Speedy J, Kenny Larkin and Dan Bell (as the trio Cybersonik). In 1992, Acquaviva and Hawtin also founded Definitive Recordings as an outlet for house music, launching the likes of Robotman, Barada, and Omegaman, along with a host of other house talents. Although then known mostly as a DJ, John was actively involved as engineer, producer and artist in the formative years of these artists and labels.

Last year, 2006, was another huge leap forward. John cemented his DJ reputation by placing at highest new entry in DJ Magazine’s annual top 100 - number 22 in the canonical poll of DJ influence and success worldwide. Key to that was his first ever full-on weekly Ibiza residency Acquaholic at Privilege in the ’06 season. This year, John goes from strength to strength taking a 5-date residency at Privilege, joining a tight roster that includes techno megastar Adam Beyer for Mauro Picotto's MEGANITE on Wednesdays.

This is but a part of John’s influence on the music industry. A pioneer of new music and ideas, John was one of the first people to take notice and embrace electronic music’s digital future at the dawn of 2000. First, John got involved with and championed Final Scratch as a new innovative way for DJ’s and artists to connect the digital world with the analog world. Following its success, John subsequently took another big step and helped launch, the biggest dance-music download site in the world.

This year there is no sign of slowing down. Key music projects to watch for this Spring and Summer are a new single with MADOX, "RUNNING," featuring vocals by Tommie Sunshine on Mantra Italy. Look out for a Summer CD Big City Beats radio [Germany’s top dance station] for Privilege, premiering some of the season’s hottest music.
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