Vancouver, Canada
Bass-Sick Productions

Freebound is an unconventional warrior of the wavelengths with a fiery passion for music. His taste in music has always been diverse; from a young age you would find everything from classical, hip hop, alternative rock, celtic, or bluegrass in his tape player. His deep and unbiased love for music has followed him to the West Coast where he was introduced to electronic music and festival culture at Shambhala Music Festival. He knew he had found his calling after feeling the love and good vibes that radiated from the place, the people, and the music.

Since the first sine wave pulsed through his chest he started taking steps to amass his arsenal. He spent his entire student loan on turntables, eating nothing but rice, pasta, and oatmeal for the next four months, and hasn't looked back. Since he first touched the decks, mixing has become an obsession you need a crowbar to pry him away from.

Expect the unexpected: Freebound is fiercely dedicated and fluidly creative, currently working hard on a wide range of projects including multiple EP's, DJ sets, interactive shows, and collaborations. He is also co-owner/operator of BassSick Productions, a festival and event company operating in the Sea to Sky Corridor. Currently armed with two turntables, a mixer, and a library as deep as Mariana's Trench. Watch out for Freebound in 2013 and years to come as he promises to keep wielding his sonic arsenal, waging war on the mundane by inspiring endless booty shaking from the city clubs to the freedom of the forests.
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