Intimate Productions
Legendary Long Weekend :: Canada Day Crasher 2014
3 Rooms w/ Nick Bike, Festivus Summer Music Festival, Hey Look crew + more!
Waldorf Hotel | 1489 East Hastings Street Vancouver, B.C. CA

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Guess what? Vancouver's favourite Long Weekend party is back! After a brief haitus, we are stoked to announce that we are returning to our home at the fabulous Waldorf to continue this (now 11 year old) tradition! And what better way to kick things off again than with some killer beats in 3 rooms, with the combined forces of Intimate and our good friends at the Festivus Music Festival and the HEY LOOK crew as follows:


Tabu Room | Underground House | presented by FESTIVUS

Tiki Room | NuDisco / Disco / Funk | presented by PARADISE CITY

The Hideaway | Future Bass | presented by HEY LOOK!

You got that right! All this amazing local talent under one roof at the beautiful and historic Waldorf venue where we are committed to continue to showcase amazing artists from Vancouver and beyond, and to keep The Waldorf alive as a centre for music, arts and culture in our city. We humbly acknowledge all those who have helped foster the venue over the years and created the community and look forward to carrying on the spirit and keeping the vibe alive!

3 Rooms | 3 Sounds
Limited Advance Tickets | 19+ | 2 Pieces of ID Required

Vancouver, Canada //
2013 Vancouver Red Bull Threestyle Champion

Vancouver, Canada // Intimate Productions, Red Lounge
Having discovered and fallen in love with electronic music in 1991, Abasi started collecting and making mixed electronica tapes. Today, his record collection has grown beyond control, and includes a healthy mix of all genres of music. DJ Abasi owns/spins many different styles, but he currently specializes in house, techno/minimal, electro*, dancerock, italo/nu disco and mash-up/eclectic.

Vancouver, Canada // Clocktower
A drummer first, disco nights at The Commodore propelled Andy into the depth of all night dance parties back in the mid 90s.

Vancouver, Canada // UnderG
Originally from Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico, Briser G has brought an attractive Minimal sound to Vancouver’s underground house and techno scene that takes the nightlife of the city to a new level.

Vancouver, Canada // Hey Look

Vancouver, Canada // Bass-Sick Productions

Vancouver, Canada // UnderG
Since 2008, Matt Hudolin has shown how his passion of house music has made him one of Vancouver's most anticipated up-and-coming talents.

Vancouver, Canada // Hey Look

Vancouver, Canada // Intimate Productions, Festivus
A fixture in the electronic music scene in Vancouver for over 15 years, Patrick has been there from the beginning, having played at some of the now legendary nights at the Lotus, Sonar, Graceland, and Lucy Mae Browns, to name a few.

Vancouver, Canada // Hey Look

Vancouver, Canada // Homebreakin Records,, Intimate Productions
A resident DJ at the Lotus Lounge's Signal Saturdays for 4 years. Woodhead's rise to the top of Vancouver's underground dance music scene started in dark East Van warehouses and all night dance parties.

Vancouver, Canada // Intimate Productions
Warehouse party survivor, partially-reformed techno snob, unapologetic disco infiltrator, indie rock apologist, not-so-closet poptimist, chronic message board lurker, town drunk. Not really sure what he’s going to write about, but promises there will be words and most likely sentences.
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