Vancouver, Canada

Originally from Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico, Briser Gonzalez has brought an attractive Minimal sound to Vancouver’s underground house and techno scene that takes the nightlife of the city to a new level. Gonzalez has used his drive and determination to quickly become an international dj by the age of 26, already dominating dance floors in Mexico, Canada and New Zealand. With residencies at Vancouver’s Lotus Sound Lounge, Redroom, as well as System Events, plus Mexico’s Coco Maya and La Mezcalina, this young talent is already earning the respect and admiration of people all over the world.

Over the last five years, Briser has steadily gathered a devoted fanbase of people who love their music dark, sexy and dirty. Starting off as an indie-electro dj, his track selection always brought a wild and seductive vibe that still resonates in his sound today. Briser has maturely evolved and is recognized for his captivating Minimal and Techno style that keeps bodies moving powerfully and emotions running high. His expressions of sound and masterful mixing skills come from within and can be truly felt by his listeners.

Gonzalez’s experimental vision behind being more than just a club dj sets him apart from other names in Vancouver. With his use of CDJs, vinyl, his combination of MIDI controllers with Traktor & Ableton Live and using Logic in his production side, he is a true mastermind in his electronic lab. Generating minimal grooves that are unique to Vancouver.

Gonzalez is influenced by dark, creative artists such as Richie Hawtin, Troy Pierce, Gaiser, Ricardo Villalobos, MINUS crew, Nima Saeedi , Siceron and Dj James E. As the force behind some of Vancouver’s most underground parties, Gonzalez has a special connection with the AFTERHOURS crowd and will be bringing the population an exciting new project, UNDER G, to continue raising the bar not only in Vancouver’s nightlife scene, but across the globe.
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