Vancouver, Canada

From a young age, Vancouver-born Austin Phillips has been living and breathing all things music. Studying saxophone for 14 years, Austin enrolled at VCC in the Jazz and Contemporary Music Performance program, and consistantly playied in numerous musical groups, including Natural Flavas, a Vancouver-based reggae band. It was only logical that Phillips would eventually take interest in electronic music. The electronic music composition course that was offered in his high school helped mould him into the artist we hear today. Motivated by creators like Aphex Twin, Venetain Snares, Autechre, Boards of Canada and The Black Dog, as well as being highly influenced by two high school friends – Caleb Fox and Gavin Schaefer. Austin discovered DJing to be an interactive way to enjoy his passion for listening to electronic music. The audible emotion that Austin creates behind the decks and the clever creations he devises in his studio reflect his inner musical guru.

In the three years that Phillips has been DJing, he already has an impressive roster of experience, including a resident DJ title with Subversive, one of Vancouver’s most well known underground house and techno crews. Austin has entertained the masses at the Lotus Sound Lounge for both Hollywood Fridays and Lotus Long Weekend parties, as well as Box Studios and various parties around Vancouver. He has played next to some of Vancouver’s top underground DJs; names like Jay Tripwire, DJ Ali, Tom Thomas and TJ Hooker. He also hosts Open Decks at the Anza Club on the last Saturday of every month, a night that allows bedroom DJs to play out in an intimate venue and get exposure in Vancouver.

This young artist will continue making headway in Vancouver, with his eyes set on the prize of bringing quality sound and events to his listeners. Keep an eye out for 4Corners, a creative crew founded by Austin and co that will be hosting special events in the upcoming months.
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