Intimate Productions
Legendary Long Weekend :: Turkey Burner 2012
3 Rooms w/ Vinyl Ritchie, Anza Love, SHAHdjs + more!
Waldorf Hotel | 1489 East Hastings Street Vancouver, B.C. CA

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Legendary. That's the only way to describe LLW, Vancouver's longest running multi-room long weekend party. This Thanksgiving Sunday, join us as we throw our annual Turkey Burner edition of Legendary Long Weekends at the Waldorf Hotel. For this one, local phenom Vinyl Ritchie headlines in the Tiki Room. We're bringing the love as we host the Anza crew who takes over the Cabaret. (Anza Love!) Finally, in the hideaway, the SHAHdjs takeover as Willisist celebrates his birthday. LLW never disappoints.

CABARET [Downstairs] (House / Underground) [Anza Crew]

TIKI BAR [Upstairs] (AnythingTheF@#%Goes / Mash-Up)

THE HIDEAWAY [Downstairs] (Bass Culture / Drum N Bass) [SHAHdjs]

3 Rooms | 3 Sounds
Limited Advance Tickets | 19+ | 2 Pieces of ID Required

Vancouver, Canada // West Coast
Scott Arkwell, widely known as Vinyl Ritchie (or by his production moniker, Wicked Lester) made a name for himself as an inventive mash-up artist, long before the hipsters and Ableton/Serato remixers started hybridizing newer forms of electronica. In the early days of Vancouver’s embryonic 90s rave scene, Scott discovered new ways to play almost anything he found himself identifying with.

Vancouver, Canada // Intimate Productions, Red Lounge
Having discovered and fallen in love with electronic music in 1991, Abasi started collecting and making mixed electronica tapes. Today, his record collection has grown beyond control, and includes a healthy mix of all genres of music. DJ Abasi owns/spins many different styles, but he currently specializes in house, techno/minimal, electro*, dancerock, italo/nu disco and mash-up/eclectic.

Seattle, USA // Handlebar Records, Fever ST.
A lot can be said of a person by those around him and in this case DR.FVR's credentials speak for themselves, as he has played along side the likes of some huge DJs including Rusko, The Crystal Method, Designer Drugs, Pretty Lights, Morgan Page, Kaskade, Ferry Corsten, Dirty South, Keoki, DJ Rap, Booka Shade, LA Riots, & Nero.

Vancouver, Canada // Anza Love Productions
House Music! An early member of the Intimate Productions team and one of the original founders of the LLW, Mighty Mac has been in and around the scene for nearly 15 years. Known for long flowing mixes and rolling bass lines Mac has always left party goers craving more.

Vancouver, Canada // SHAHdjs
Willisist was born to do this. He assembled the SHAHdjs, and took the helm with Holistic. Together they promote the full spectrum of DnB and embrace the full Bass Culture Community.

Vancouver, Canada // SHAHdjs
In 2005, J.F. Killah started her DJ career by dropping her first bass bomb in Halifax, NS. A couple years later, after earning her junglist stripes, she relocated across the country to Vancouver, BC, at what couldn’t have been better timing to help launch North American know crew: SHAH DJs. She quickly rose to become a staple in the Vancouver party scene.

Vancouver, Canada // Subversive, VUSI, Aspect Media
Since moving to Vancouver in 2004, Lyndsy Brow, a.k.a. Miss Myte, has become a name synonymous with quality techno and house.

Vancouver, Canada //
Phil likes to pahty

Vancouver, Canada // Subversive
From a young age, Vancouver-born Austin Phillips has been living and breathing all things music.

Vancouver, Canada // SHAHdjs
Influenced by the Dark Lord himself, Decibel Point brings the BOOM like no other. With an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm his massive drops keep the dance floor screaming for more
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