Vancouver, Canada

Every weekend droves of culturally conscious hipsters, post-ravers, neo-hippies and social activists pack into some inconspicuous underground venue. They want to experience the intensity of bass-heavy anthems and dance together in a newly thriving cultural collective. At the forefront of this movement is Timothy Wisdom - the most sought-after powerhouse behind Vancouver's exploding intentional dance community. Timothy's sets literally lift audiences off their feet, arousing ecstatic screams from the crowd in a relentless stream of perpetual sonic mayhem. Combining the tricks of turntablism and MCing, with productions that cross multiple music styles, this DJ really puts the punch into his art form.

Starting in 1991, at the age of 13, Timothy bought his first set of turntables. He produced live hiphop tapes and began unleashing the skills that would later propel him across the nation, through countless musical strands and into the ears, hearts and minds of thousands. From Newfoundland to BC, Florida to California, Timothy has performed for some of today's largest festivals, including the Vancouver International Folk Festival, Shambhala, and the infamous Burning Man Festival. His music unifies, intensifies, uplifts and penetrates the senses. His show boldly sets a new standard in performance DJing.

Timothy is a scientist of sound. In 2001 he invented the world's first digital force-feedback turntable - D'Groove. An engineer on the decks and on the mic, Timothy fuses crazy scratching, instant remixes and his hilarious antics into a performance that can be summed up with a single word: FUN! And just when you thought the party couldn't get any better, Timothy Wisdom will get the place roaring.
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