Vancouver, Canada

Producer and Rhombus label head Stefan Zlatarits aka Stefan Z has been surrounded by music his entire life. A strange combination of listening to his fathers Vangelis tapes as a young child in Toronto and playing piano as well as trumpet in the jazz band throughout his high school life have both contributed to his current output of music. Being submitted to the rave scene in 2000 opened his eyes to a previously foreign form of music. Instant love is the only way to describe his reaction to this new discovery. DJ'ing was the next logical step which came in 2001 and has since seen many different genres of music pass through his record box.

Releasing his first solo EP in 2010 on Berlin label Resopal Shallware marked the beginning of his production career, which continues to develop with more releases scheduled on Circle Music out of Mannheim, and his own Rhombus imprint.

Rhombus was created in 2011 out of a need to be able to release his own brand of music. The core artists behind the label are all friends that have different musical backgrounds but all share the same affliction; to produce unique forms of audio.
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