Vancouver, Canada

Queensyze is well known in Canada for her uncompromising energetic DJ performances and for her interconnection to her audience. The Canadian with a badass attitude and hypnotic stage persona has earned Queensyze headliner status at local Canadian clubs and is breaking out into the international sphere. She’s equally comfortable rocking large crowds as she is in a small intimate club setting; to her the music is the connecting tissue.

But it is on the production front where Queensyze’s creativity really shines. Showcasing her innate musicality, Queensyze uses her vocals in a unique style to create deep energetic music with an addictive edge. This originality has seen her music signed to the likes of Nervous Records and Leap4rog and accolades such as being played on Annie Nightingale’s BBCRadio1 show, hitting #21 on Beatports top 100 house releases and her track “Gotta Get Up” broke into the top ten on release day on Traxsource.

There are spellbinding and sensuous qualities to all the music this Canadian makes; it stems largely by the places she's lived and the energy of her surroundings. She was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario where she first blazed her path in electronic music. Her initial exposure was going to all age’s house clubs and falling in love with the beats and bass then quickly following the scene as the music moved to raves. In her early days, artists such as Mistress Barbara & DJ Rap influenced her, which explains her deeps connections to house, techno and bass.

When she began to DJ, she taught herself how to beat match on two tech 1200’s with vinyl from her latest record dig and quickly secured her first gig within six months. As a young DJ living in Toronto, the city’s drum and bass passion was strong and releases were mighty with a large competitive platform to match, she worked hard to be one of the most sought after drum and bass DJ’s in the city, and quickly followed to be one of Canada’s first released female drum and bass producers, releasing her first track alongside Marcus Visionary. This energy from her hometown formed the early Queensyze sound along with her dedicated base audience. When she moved to Vancouver, BC the sound of deep house, tech house and techno caught her attention reconnected her to her musical roots. The expansive depth of the 4x4 sound enables her to delve deeper into Queensyze, the sensual producer delivering her music as an experience.

Queensyze’s love and knowledge of electronic music is evident as she’s quickly becoming one of the most influential voices in Canadian underground electronic music and has been labeled by the Georgia Straight as "Underground Royalty" in Canada.

Queensyze devotes her life to her love of electronic music.
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