Vancouver, Canada

Groove-heavy, synthesized, and always evolving, Oliver Nickels blends a wide range of influences with rock-solid electronic rhythms. A healthy obsession with vintage analogue gear plays a central role in his creative process along with a love for '70's electrofunk and '80's synthpop. Expect up front synth lines, spaced out melodies, and an occasional plunge into Techno's rattling wheelhouse.

Although based in Vancouver, Canada, Oliver's time spent in Asia's vibrant music scene has been a lasting influence, with its thirst for pushing the limits of creativity and penchant for the unusual. He spent a few years hitting the record shops, noodle joints, and clubs in Japan and China, where he soaked up their love of boundary-pushing and open-minded club music, as well as holding residencies at Kai Bar and Vicks (Beijing), Cinderella (Jinan) and touring Shanghai, Xian and more. During the late 'noughties', he was also one half of the Ragdoll project, a no-limit techno duo that gained traction with a string of amped up releases on European labels Blufin, Frequenza, and Takt. Their 2009 release "Soundwave" was licensed to labels and compilations for re-release almost monthly for years later.

Currently, as the co-owner of the Rhombus label, he and fellow head honcho Stefan Z are mostly focused on fine whiskies and searching Craigslist for antique music machines, with occasional sessions sweating it out in his unairconditioned studio. Along with oiling his DJ mixer and polishing his moustache, he is throwing Rhombus label parties featuring on-point artists from all over the world, and is committed to growing Canada's thriving electronic music community.
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