Vancouver, Canada

Ingrid Hakanson began a career in electronic music in 2000 when a friend handed her a microphone during his set at a party in Vancouver, BC. Since then, Ingrid has made a name for herself in Vancouver as one of the area’s first live improvisational vocalists in the house music scene.

Music has always been a part of Ingrid’s life. Growing up in Toronto, she played piano, saxophone, and sang classical both in a choir and solo. When she moved to Vancouver in 1996, she spent 4 years fronting a rock band before becoming part of a local musicians’ collective called Bedroomstudio. This group’s blend of jazz, rock, and synthesized beats saw the release of the album ‘Submissions’ in 2005.

Ingrid’s tracks have enjoyed worldwide success as she continues to gain popularity as a respected writer and performer of various house vocal styles. Releases such as ‘Out of Touch’ with Dave Armstrong (2003) and ‘Freak for You’ and ‘Luscious’ with Swirl People (2007) have brought her amazing talent to the forefront of the house music scene. Appearing often as a live vocalist in her home town, Ingrid also travels for regular gigs in several cities on the west coast with local and out-of-town DJs such as Carlos Mendoza (LCG), Asad Rizvi, Ken Christensen (ECB), Luke McKeehan (Nordic Trax), Jon Lee (Tilted), Jason Tokita and other local BC and Seattle DJs. She has also formed Canaima with Carlos Mendoza, a moody-electro-pop duo with an album coming out 2012.

This year’s upcoming releases with Jon Lee and Gene Lee, Asad Rizvi, Andy Clockwork, Raw District, and Canaima will continue to elevate her status as one of house music’s most sought-after vocalists, allowing audiences worldwide to experience her strong live performances and stage presence. She is currently also working on a live ableton performance to further extend her versatility as a performer.
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