Vancouver, Canada
Tectonic, Brownswood, Hot N Heavy, B.YRSLF, Car Crash Set, Palms Out, Sounds of Sumo, Aufect, Symbols, Gradient Audio, Party Guy, Innovative Leisure

hex·a·dec·i·bel //?h?ks?'d?s?b?l // [hek-suh-des-uh-bel]

Hexadecibel is a machine. At least that's what the rumours say - HxdB is one of the Canadian bass-music scene's most prolific, driven and exciting figures to watch. Between his unstoppable productions, memorable DJ sets, hosting legendary local events, and lending his talents to two diverse record labels, he is a hard man to keep up with. He has honed his passion into a singular vision that is as fun as it is stirring. Dance music from outer space.
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