Vancouver, Canada

Deep bass, jacking beats, and catchy hooks just are a few inspirations that brought Howl Sound into existence. Born out of many late nights, deep in the forests of North Americas west coast, howling to beat of many forest raves; this was the basis for what became, drawing a strong connection not only to the underground, the obscure, but also the beauty of life itself in all of its forms. Howl Sound is the result of a long time friendship between fellow djs U-Tee and Sean 314. After years of playing apart, both members began sharing slots with each other, quickly forming a strong bond on stage. Two years later, it felt only natural to take that chemistry from behind the decks and apply it to their own productions. Howl Sound are known for playing anything deep and groovy, melding between house, techno and bass music. What is most important is always staying fresh and having fun.
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