Nelson, Canada

Born within days and a few blocks away from where the Apache break was recorded Hoola was off to a good start at a very young age. When he was gifted Michael Jacksons “Off the Wall” album in 94 it started a serious life long obsession with acquiring every disco funk record ever made in the world. Also that year moved to Van city from Nelson to experience the heyday of the “rave” scene and witness the impact that House music had on a culture that was happening on a fairly large scale. Dickie Doo,T-Bone, Minute Maid, Markem, Doc Martin, Ali, Czech, Little T, Lace, Tripwire, Hebegebe ,Dee Lite, Garth, Jeno, Spun-K (aka Vinyl Richie) and all the other DJ’s who played the legendary Lux Theatre on Hastings were the earliest inspirations and introduction to the underground.

Quite soon after tried to teach himself how to make people dance to disco records in 95/96 in Victoria B.C. where djs Koosh, Rennie dubnut foster, tyger dhula, and Wood and the original boomtown records were holding it down.

In 97 back in Nelson Hoola , with a crafty business plan made his mom somehow convinced the government and community futures to give him a loan to be a DJ because there was only 1 other in town back then. The next year he packed up and moved out east to Halifax to help throw the first full moon outdoor parties and work at Vitamin Tribe Imports record store with then future wife and super dj Lion-S Also at the same time headlining the first Shambhala with a cassette tape?!? While in Halifax he hooked up with east coast hip hop guru and funk soul digger legend Jorun who taught him the ropes in deep digging and the original funk breaks. There he would learn about the roots of it all and build an empire of old school even Vader would envy. As the decade came to an end Y2K and the end of the world was looming and Hoola, scared to die on the East, ran back to the hills of B.C. just in time to headline Shambhala 1999 and the 1st yr of the Fractal Forest. By 2001 he started doing the scheduling for a very unorganized yet undeniably wicked party and by 2002 took on all the artist bookings with partner Lion-S. Holding a 8 yr residency In Nelson at club Avalon that later turned into the Legendary Fluid would turn out to be home for Shambhala all year round and a place for underground music to exist in Nelson for years to come. This is where and when Vitamin Tribe evolved into The Pride and promoting djs year round came about. Thanks to them RaSoul, Buck, Garth, Metro Area, Doc Martin,Soul of Man, Adam Freeland, Krafty Kuts ,Solomonic Sound,John Howard, Freq Nasty, Mat the Alien, Vinyl Ritchie, Smalltown djs, Bassnectar,Skream, Glitch Mob and basically everyone from A-Skills to Z-trip have experienced the Kootenay Vibe.

Around 2003 till the present The Pride took the reigns of the beach stage at Shambhala and called it the Living Room.The rest has become the stuff legends are made of.
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