Vancouver, Canada
2 Bears

An alternative artistic musical endeavor from Dave King (LongWalkShortDock) and Tim Hill (RimVisuals). Outfitted in evil bear costumes, the focus of the duo is to present beautiful analog signals from modern and retro synthesizers coated in lush, special effects and delay treatments. Dreamy arpeggio based melodies and a wide variety of drum grooves and patterns, coagulate into sonic, psychedelic soundscapes and atmospheres. As a vehicle for ideas and influences not necessarily suited to the LWSD music and visual tone, both Dave and Tim pursue an outlet for a different direction of audio/video immersion. With Dave on synths and drum programming and Tim on synths and visuals they focus on the slow fine tuning of gorgeous analog sounds all performed live such that each performance is completely unique. It is Hibernator's aim to take listeners on a journey of thoughtful mediation, fused with hypnotic rhythms. The sleeper awakes....
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