Vancouver, Canada

Fedski is a party rockin’ dj. Originally from the east, he loves fish and chips and salty babes, but playing tunes is what he does best. Keeping the the party alive and playing records since 2002 his style has an emphasis on funk, hiphop and party jams.
Currently residing in the world famous, snow-covered, party and ski meca, Fernie BC; where there is a strict regiment of partying, frequent hangovers and general good times. Fedski has played with some of thefinest acts around such as Maestro, Josh martinez, Moses Mays, Team Canada, Eh Team DJs, John H (of Fort Knox 5), Audit , Askillz, Krafty Kutz, MTA, Friendly fire, Skratch Bastid and Smalltown DJs to name a few. You can find Feds playing at bars, clubs, beaches and festivals near you.
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