Vancouver, Canada

Born in Vancouver and since relocated to the internet, Scott Eastlick’s musical sensibilities were defined through exposure to double cassette decks, early rave culture, and an obsession with Prince that several women have described as “excessive” in their list of reasons why they were ending the relationship. Having gained local notoriety with monthly mix sessions that circulated offline as CDs and cassettes, Electric Adolescence was created in 2009 as an ongoing attempt to document music through the lens of Scott’s unique taste. The result is a selection of music that is impervious to genre, popularity, or age. From the playlists of unsung gems sourced from new label releases and Soundcloud uploads, to genre specific mixes that provide a comprehensive take on deep house, hip hop, soul music, and jazz, the site makes some attempt to put music into the context of its own evolution. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the History of Popular Music series, which aggregates six decades of charts, lists, and reviews into a digestible mix series. More of a curator than a live performer, Scott has recently decided to leave the confines of the kitchen that doubles as the Electric Adolescence studio for a series of live appearances in Vancouver and beyond.
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