Vancouver, Canada

Daniella has always had a passion to perform. A busy acting career in her teens and early adult life helped Daniella develop an experiential sense of how to connect with a live audience. Her innate need to perform helped shape other pursuits as well, such as her interest in music. Through extensive travel as a model and actress, she gleaned an eclectic collection of music and influences.
A purist at heart, Daniella prefers all vinyl sets. She's often described as a bit of a Tomboy, a descriptor seemingly consistent with her preferred genres: punk, funk, new wave, rock, soul as well as some old school hip hop. She lists some of her biggest influences as Daft Punk, James Murphy, Lou Reed, Depeche Mode, New order, as well as CBGB alums Blondie, and the Talking Heads. After many trips to music festivals around the world and travels to Berlin and London, Daniella developed a passion for electronic music.
Daniella has played in varied settings, primarily in Los Angeles and Vancouver, that have included fashion events, dance clubs, restaurant launches, and private parties.
These days you can expect Daniella to play deep house, indie dance, tech house, nu-disco, and all the vinyl she has collected.
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