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DJ Dan has been synonymous with the American dance music industry for over two decades as a record collector, house innovator and true legend of the scene. However, his music bandwidth stretches much further; representing the spirit of 70's disco and 80's/90's house with contemporary flair that makes him like no other artist on the scene. People have been missing the funk and that's what DJ Dan does best.

Born and raised on the West coast, Dan was entrenched in music from an early age, 1989 to be exact, a time when the rave scene was blossoming. Sharpening his skills spinning vinyl at small clubs in Seattle, Dan's experience in the late 80's behind the decks converted into a profound knowledge of what people want on the dance floor, a trait still ingrained in him today. The early 90's saw Dan move to Los Angeles, feeding the roots of the emerging underground scene in the US. As the scene exploded Dan was at the center of a musical revolution; underground promoters snapped up his ability to blend breaks, disco and all things funky that inadvertently placed him as the leading figure on the rave scene.

In 1993; a move to San Francisco with a re-invented sound that lended itself more to acid house and electro, Dan instigated the formation of the legendary group Funky Tekno Tribe that sought to push the boundaries of house music. Dan’s innovative eye for promotion saw him implement the recordings and distribution of 'mixtapes', a simple yet revolutionary method that soon developed into a frenzied culture that remains an electronic music mainstay, in various forms today. With an ear for good music and eye for new talent, it was at this time that the FTT brought an unknown French duo to tear up one of their parties... Daft Punk never looked back.

This period marked the beginning of the burgeoning breakbeat genre that encapsulated house, dubs and techno. At the heart, DJ Dan, who generated the fused rhythms that were dubbed the 'West Coast House Sound.' As global demand grew for his skills behind the turntables, Dan's 1995 single under the moniker Electroliners was a result of a shift in the American who decided to dedicate more time to producing music. 'Loose Caboose' proved to be one of the definitive tracks from the breakbeat era and encompassed the talents that inspired many to follow.

Many visionary artists have queued up to bottle Dan’s unique sound; with a remix discography that reads like a music industry hall of fame; Depeche Mode, New Order, the Pussycat Dolls and a Tribe Called Quest have all enlisted the boss of breakbeat to tap into his hailed production abilities. Earning his first Platinum record in 1999, Dan’s remix of the Orgy cover 'Blue Monday' was revered around the world and reaffirmed his reputation on a global scale; re-working seemingly untouchable records with expert precision. The late-200's was another period of huge remixes for Dan; most notably, his timeless remixes of 'Paparazzi' and 'Bad Romance' by Lady Gaga. While dance producers working with pop starts is the thing to do in 2012, Dan preceded the trend by adding his electronic music clout to Janet Jackson’s 2010 hit "Make Me." In September of 2010, Dan went on to release one of his finest achievements, his debut artist album, "Future Retro" – titled after and the embodiment of Dan’s 20+ years in the industry.

In February 2012, the singles and remixes continued to flow and at one point four DJ Dan productions hit the Beatport top 100 in the same week: J Dan – "Stereo Damage (DJ Dan & Brian Matrix Remix);" DJ Dan – "Chunka Funk;" DJ Dan – "Nasty Night Out;" and Bryan Jones – "Part of the Game (DJ Dan Remix)." When not in the studio, Dan’s playing out all over the world to audiences looking for a proper dance floor education and a great time. Dan’s also emerged as one of the most popular DJ’s at Burning Man, taking the party outside of the club and into the California desert - where much of the American dance scene started.

In October 2012 DJ Dan returned with his sophomore album, Disko-Funk Odyssey. It’s rich and throbbing, packed with 16-funked up tracks that unties the worlds of funky house and techno. It’s rhythm…it’s soul... it’s real dance music.

Disko-Funk Odyssey is about looking to the past for guidance to the future. It’s an uncompromised look at the funkiest, most soulful body music available today. No quick fix... this has big time staying power. Just like DJ Dan.
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