Vancouver, Canada
Intimate Productions

Since his early childhood in Istanbul, his keyboard, drums and TTs were his favorite toys. This innate love for music has evolved from his family's interest in music which greatly influenced his own musical growth. After finishing high school, his professional music career took shape as he became a resident at Istanbul's biggest afterhours venues. He quickly moved up in the music scene, performing in many major clubs and private parties throughout Istanbul. In 2004, Cenk produced his first artist, a local pop singer and to further his career not only as a DJ, but also as a producer, he made the move to Vancouver to pursue his education at the Langara College Electronic Music Production Program. Since moving to Vancouver, his reputation has spread like wildfire with the number of people appreciating his deep and melodic sound and, unique mixing technique and unpredictable set flow, increasing with every event. Cenk played weekly at RedXRed Lounge (Vancouver) and is a frequent guest at Gorgomish Afterhours playing alongside many of Vancouver's top DJ's and producers such as: Sage (Switch), Siavash, Ali Sani, Nima (Hollywood), Lazy Rich (Skint, Armada, Play Digital, Stereo Soul) and Dave Armstrong (Ministry of Sound).
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