Vancouver, Canada

Andrew was a nice gentleman who always loved music. He was in a band once. But then it started raining. Just miserable weather. So he gathered many beverages, and locked himself inside his room with a bunch of synthesizers. They began to talk. He thought he was crazy, but with the patterns of short and long berps, bloops and droney murmer, Andrew could make them sing.

With much experimentation, Andrew created a project with a unique feel. It's sound carries between several genres and can flow between his emotions. It's because of the excitement Andrew has felt creating in his studio that he feels it important to present live, allowing others to experience the sound of that feeling.

So with his army of tamed robots, he performs all originals and strives to make every show a unique and memorable experience. He invites you to dance, be yourself, and enjoy the walk through the lush musical forest hidden in his head.
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