Vancouver, Canada

Whether its one of his "A List" Party's, A DJ set he's played, or simply bumping into one of his friends around the city... chances are that if you've partied in Vancouver BC, you have in some way, shape or form met Ali Sani... With over 8 years dedicated to music, and the promotions behind it, ALI has proven he is not going anywhere but up. He is "The Man Behind Gorgomish"! A pioneer, who in the past 2 years has changed the afterhours and club scene a full '360 with his vision and consistancy... Something that is very rare these days. Usually things come, and go, but a passion for the music, and dedication to clean up the scene to a classier environment has allowed ALI to stick around and colaborate with the best in the biz. Recently he has had the honour of playing alongside such Heavyweights as: Sharam (deepdish), Dubfire (deepdish), Lee buridge, Funkagenda, Victor Calderone, Alex Kenji, and last week with Sultan just to name a few.
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