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Maeve is a record label run by two Irish men, Mano Le Tough & The Drifter. In an age of endless releases and labels Maeve aims to release beautiful, special records that will last in the hearts of the public.

Mano Le tough and The Drifter come from the small town of Greystones in Ireland. Friends since the schoolyard, they found they shared a huge passion for music. After an adolescence spent playing in bands together they got involved in Dublin's club scene, where an appetite for DJing, running club nights, and electronic music started.

A move to Berlin ensued for Mano, to concentrate on music and production, only to be joined by his friend 2 years later. They then started Passion Beat - first at Kleine Reise, now at Loftus Hall - a monthly night they have curated for over two years, and which has earned a very loyal following. Maeve is the latest project from these two old friends.
Limited Advance Tickets | 19+ | 2 Pieces of ID Required

Berlin, Germany // Aleph Music, Life and Death, Maeve
Mano Le Tough is an Irish electronic music producer and Dj living in Berlin.

Ireland // Maeve

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