John Howard (Om Records, NY)
Intimate Christmas Party
Bar None | 1222 Hamilton St Vancouver, B.C. CA

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John Howard began DJ'ing in '93, the same year as San Francisco's infamous Summer of Love, out of the genuine need to express himself and his love of music. A friend, Jay Valencia lent John his time, space, an old bi-amp and Nervous record collection to start, and in no time John found his comfort zone in deep and funky tribal masterpieces.

Currently living in New York City, John is experiencing the spirit of the East Coast, enjoying a monthly residency at Shelter for OM. While producing and collaborating on various projects and efforts John has traveled all over the US, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Russia and Brussels, Spain, Paris, and greater Europe. Chicago-style reckless mixing and track selection, combined with his own brand of eclectic jazz funk and Bay Area radio influences from the late seventies and early Eighties. Always funky and always different.
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Doors 9pm - 3am. 19+ only
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