Intimate Productions
Legendary Long Weekend :: Turkey Burner Edition 2013 :: #LLW
feat. Yousef (Cocoon, Circus), Abasi, Kevin Shiu & Max Ulis b2b The Librarian
The Imperial | 319 Main Street Vancouver, B.C. CA

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With the dust still not settled and recovery from the 10 year anniversary not complete, it is time for the next round of LLW: the Turkey Burner edition! That's right boys and girls, you are most likely to eat a lot of turkey around that time, so what better way to burn it all off than dancing to the killer tunes of Yousef (Cocoon, Circus), Kevin Shiu, Abasi, Max Ulis, and Librarian? There will of course be two rooms, house and bass music, and most importantly, underground dancing fun times! So join us and let's party, would ya?

#LLW #10YearsOfLLW

Main Room
YOUSEF (Cocoon, Circus) • DJ Kevin Shiu

Abasi • Max Ulis b2b The Librarian
Tickets also available at Beatstreet Records [439 Hastings St], Tom Lee Music and Zulu Records [1972 W 4th Ave]

Limited Advance Tickets | 19+ | 2 Pieces of ID Required

Liverpool, UK // Circus, Cocoon, Cecille
Having been at the forefront of dance music fan’s attentions across the globe since the latter stages of the last century, Yousef is an artist that continues to evolve and develop with consummate ease. New sounds, new developments and new frontiers; they all remain an instrumental part of his thrust forward as one the planet’s leading underground House music tastemakers.

Vancouver, Canada // Intimate Productions, Red Lounge
Having discovered and fallen in love with electronic music in 1991, Abasi started collecting and making mixed electronica tapes. Today, his record collection has grown beyond control, and includes a healthy mix of all genres of music. DJ Abasi owns/spins many different styles, but he currently specializes in house, techno/minimal, electro*, dancerock, italo/nu disco and mash-up/eclectic.

Vancouver, Canada //
Based in Vancouver, Canada's Kevin Shiu has been at the forefront of club culture since the early '90's. His magic touch, keen foresight, and suave mannerisms have propelled him into headliner status at clubs around the world. His signature style ranges from deep tech house through driving progressive house and remains true to the underground sound that first inspired him: a deep, moody sound with pounding percussion and a mighty hypnotic groove.

Vancouver, Canada // 10 Pin, LIGHTA! Sound
A DJ going on 14 years, Max Ulis was first inspired by the sounds of house, hip hop, and early drum and bass. With the formation of Vancouver’s Lighta! Sound and the success of New Form’s Dubforms parties, Max gained ground as one of North America’s first dubstep DJs. Over the past two years Max has shifted his focus away from dubstep, coming full circle with his music to reintroduce elements of his first loves, house and techno.

Squamish, Canada // Bass Coast
A familiar name in the West Coast bass music community, The Librarian produces a unique blend of bass music that defies categorization. Her sound is rooted in low-end frequencies and soulful melody. Exquisite taste in music, her sets are deep and moving, energetic yet enveloping.
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