Intimate Productions
Legendary Long Weekend :: 10 Year Anniversary + Back 2 School Bash :: #10YearsOfLLW
feat. Mat The Alien, Koosh + more!
The Imperial | 319 Main Street Vancouver, B.C. CA

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It all started back in 2002 at the beloved Lotus Hotel as a small 2 room party with focus on friends & friendly strangers, good times, and underground dance music. Fast forward to 2013: the circle of friendly faces grew to fill up to 4 rooms, 10s of thousands of beverages were consumed, 100s of DJs/artists took helm at the decks and rocked the crowd, several venues played home to LLW and here we are, ready to celebrate our 10 year anniversary with you! One thing that remains constant is our promise to deliver the best in underground dance music, always keeping the vibe fun, intimate and making everyone feel like they are among friends. We thank you for all the love over the years and want you to come help us celebrate 10 years of LLW: the longest running long weekend party in town! #10YearsOfLLW
Tickets also available at Beatstreet Records [439 Hastings St], Tom Lee Music and Zulu Records [1972 W 4th Ave]

Limited Advance Tickets | 19+ | 2 Pieces of ID Required

Whistler, Canada // Really Good
Since the age of 14 Mat has been mixing , skratching and making mixes - beats , spanning many genres and styles but always having one thing in common - heavy beats and bass lines which appeals to a wide variety of crowds.

Victoria, Canada //
Koosh has been collecting, editing and playing records since the late 80s.

In more recent years he started the highly collectible “7 Inches of Love” label with the Mole.

Koosh has also released on Eddie C’s “Red Motor Bike” and a handful of other limited run, vinyl only labels.

If you don’t buy vinyl you won’t hear his work, so get with it hosers.

Vancouver, Canada // Intimate Productions, Red Lounge
Having discovered and fallen in love with electronic music in 1991, Abasi started collecting and making mixed electronica tapes. Today, his record collection has grown beyond control, and includes a healthy mix of all genres of music. DJ Abasi owns/spins many different styles, but he currently specializes in house, techno/minimal, electro*, dancerock, italo/nu disco and mash-up/eclectic.

Vancouver, Canada // Clocktower
A drummer first, disco nights at The Commodore propelled Andy into the depth of all night dance parties back in the mid 90s.

Vancouver, Canada // Intimate Productions, Festivus
A fixture in the electronic music scene in Vancouver for over 15 years, Patrick has been there from the beginning, having played at some of the now legendary nights at the Lotus, Sonar, Graceland, and Lucy Mae Browns, to name a few.

Vancouver, Canada //
Known for their genre-defying mix tapes and 4-turntable performances, DJ Wood & DJ Soo have proven time and again their ability to rock just about any crowd that’s put before them.

Vancouver, Canada // Intimate Productions
Warehouse party survivor, partially-reformed techno snob, unapologetic disco infiltrator, indie rock apologist, not-so-closet poptimist, chronic message board lurker, town drunk. Not really sure what he’s going to write about, but promises there will be words and most likely sentences.

Vancouver, Canada // slowdjs
Otherwise known as Techstyles, Vinnie the Squid has been a Dj for over 15 years specializing in flawlessly blending House, Hip-Hop, Breaks, and Funk; mashing them up perfectly with 80s, Rock, Disco, and Classics.
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