Intimate Productions
Nightmare on Main Street
2 Rooms of Mayhem
Electric Owl Social Club | 928 Main Street Vancouver, B.C. CA

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Hoodlums and Delinquents, this Saturday October 27th, join us at the Electric Owl Social Club (928 Main St) as we open the doors to Intimate Productions 'Nightmare on Main St'. Come see for yourselves the two rooms of mayhem and ghastliness as we open up the doors to those brave enough to enter. It's said the Intimate fellas used this place to perform some diabolically devious undertakings in the past, and lurk in the dark corners ready to spook those who enter with libations and haunting sounds delving straight into your soul. Come see for yourselves as you make your way through the night dancing till the wee hours... if you dare!

House Of Horrors
DelayNoMore - Woodhead - Wood N Soo - Glyn

The Dungeon
R I C C O - First Date - Dirty Margaret

Event Highlights
2 Rooms of Music | 10 DJs | $500 in prizes for best costume | Ghoulish Lights & Ghastly Decore | Haunting Visuals & Sound
Table reservation requests to

Tickets also available at Beatstreet Records [439 Hastings St] and Zulu Records [1972 W 4th Ave]

19+ | 2 Pieces of ID Required

Vancouver, Canada // slowdjs
R i c c o has been a DJ for more than 9 years. His collection of records is an eclectic mish mash of House, Hip-Hop, World, Soul, Future Disco, Dubstep, Cliq-Hop, Funk and rare classics.

Vancouver, Canada // Homebreakin Records,, Intimate Productions
A resident DJ at the Lotus Lounge's Signal Saturdays for 4 years. Woodhead's rise to the top of Vancouver's underground dance music scene started in dark East Van warehouses and all night dance parties.

Vancouver, Canada // RedLounge
DelayNoMore is the dynamic duo of Abasi + Ceebas. With more than 2 decades of combined DJing experience, these two are set to take the dance floor by the storm.

Vancouver, Canada //
Known for their genre-defying mix tapes and 4-turntable performances, DJ Wood & DJ Soo have proven time and again their ability to rock just about any crowd that’s put before them.

Vancouver, Canada // Intimate Productions
It wasn’t long after they met when First Date realized they should be banging out soulful music together. They share an instant chemistry, not only with each other but with the dance floor as well. With their mutual unwillingness to familiarize with genre elitism, First Date can be found playing everything under the sun.

St. John's, NL // DirtyTown Productions
Dirty Margaret's ever-evolving tastes and creativity have helped her to deliver high energy, floor packing sets blending techno, deep house and breakbeats (to name a few) and she's constantly searching for new inspiration and ways to create a lasting experience for anyone who comes along to see her.

Vancouver, Canada // Intimate Productions
Warehouse party survivor, partially-reformed techno snob, unapologetic disco infiltrator, indie rock apologist, not-so-closet poptimist, chronic message board lurker, town drunk. Not really sure what he’s going to write about, but promises there will be words and most likely sentences.
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