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MAX COOPER :: Spotted Saturdays
w/ Karl Spackler
Electric Owl Social Club | 928 Main Street Vancouver, B.C. CA

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Max Cooper brings his 10-date Americas tour to Vancouver on Saturday September 15th.

This tour will launch the first of Max's new series of EPs, "Conditions", each themed around different moods and aspects of the human condition.

Continuing Cooper's aslant style of reworking others' music, the tracks on "Conditions One" were written when Canadian art-rock band BRAIDS offered Cooper the full set of vocal parts from their debut album, Native Speaker, to make a collaborative track. The EP could be thought of as a remix of the BRAIDS album, as Cooper has abstracted that album's vocals to create two new tracks, "Pleasures" and "Automaton".

The EP will be released on FIELDS, a new label dedicated to live- and band electronica crossover, with a video for Pleasures by French filmmaker Cedric de Smedt.

This EP follows Max's most recent release, a rework of minimalist composer and soundtrack writer Michael Nyman and UK pop songwriter and vocalist David McAlmont, "Secrets, Accusations and Charges". The video was created by animator Nick Cobby by motion-scanning the faces of twenty volunteers who responded to a message on Max's facebook page:
Limited Advance Tickets | 19+ | 2 Pieces of ID Required

London, UK //
Raised in Belfast and now resident in London, Max Cooper is an electronica and techno producer. His best-known releases are the Serie trilogy, three dancefloor tracks whose related videos by animator Whiskas Fx were each inspired by a different scientific or mathematical concept

Vancouver, Canada // Good Fridays
A guy who lives in a place and does things...sometimes with people.
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