Intimate Productions
w/ Scott W + Max Ulis
Electric Owl Social Club | 928 Main Street Vancouver, B.C. CA

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After a few years of tightly regimented sounds and scenes dominating the dance underground, it now seems that people are making electronic music more freely once again. Techno guys are playing deep house, old-school flavors are mingling with cutting-edge production techniques, and the spirit of the times is more open to DJs and producers who are willing to mix it up than it has been for a long while.

As the techno world went minimal-crazy in 2006, Adam realigned his plans with a fresh label, New Kanada. In the spirit of imprints like Planet E, New Kanada avoids easy pigeonholing, preferring to put out a wide variety of quality music without being particularly genre-specific.

Recently acclaimed remixes for Seth Troxler, Radioslave’s Rekids label, and his own forthcoming outing on Cynosure (described by renowned techno writer Philip Sherburne as “absolutely gorgeous”), are all gaining serious props with heads from across the underground divide, with neo-house fans, minimal die-hards, and techno purists all showing their appreciation of late. Apart from his other boutique vinyl label, KUJI, who’s first release (‘Chord Tracking’) was record of the month in techno bible De:Bug – Adam has remixes scheduled for Tiga’s Turbo label and is currently collaborating with Toronto favourites Murr and Rosina from LAL, and K7's Milosh.
19+ | 2 Pieces of ID Required

Toronto, Canada // New Kanada, Cynosure
It’s hard to put a name to the music Marshall is making these days. Although rooted in house and techno—particularly in its lush chords and rich, analog feel—it has just as much to do with contemporary mutations in bass music.

Vancouver, Canada // 10 Pin, LIGHTA! Sound
A DJ going on 14 years, Max Ulis was first inspired by the sounds of house, hip hop, and early drum and bass. With the formation of Vancouver’s Lighta! Sound and the success of New Form’s Dubforms parties, Max gained ground as one of North America’s first dubstep DJs. Over the past two years Max has shifted his focus away from dubstep, coming full circle with his music to reintroduce elements of his first loves, house and techno.
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