Intimate Productions
Swayzak (Fabric/!K7/240 Volts)
feat. BRUN [DJ set] w/ Jay Tripwire + Vincent Parker [LIVE PA]
Electric Owl Social Club | 928 Main Street Vancouver, B.C. CA

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SWAYZAK (Fabric/!K7/240 Volts/Minus) feat. BRUN [DJ set]
w/ Jay Tripwire • Vincent Parker [LIVE PA]
@ Electric Owl :: 928 Main Street (EARLY SHOW : 9pm-12:30am)
Intimate Productions is excited to hold our first event at Vancouvers newest night spot, the ELECTRIC OWL SOCIAL CLUB located at 928 Main St. We kick off our new monthly Saturday gig with SWAYZAK! Come join us for the extra special night.


(Fabric/!K7/240 Volts) [UK]​

Since 1997, James “darkfarmer” Taylor and David “brun” Brown have been plying their trade as the influential underground electronic act SWAYZAK. In that time they have released 5 studio albums and 2 dj compilations which have awoken the world of electronic music to their signature sound. Starting with the deep dubbed out classic “Snowboarding in Argentina” via the legendary “Fabric 11” cd to singles like “State of Grace”, “Make up your Mind” and “In the Car Crash” and the more experimental works of the “Clicks and Cuts”, not forgeting the acclaimed works on M_nus with Detroit’s Theorem and the all out electro pop assault of 2002's “Dirty Dancing”. Swayzak somehow still manage to be dark, twisted and unmistakable.

They have surfed the genres of minimal (when it was called “we have no money for gear”), deep house, dub techno, electro pop, glitch house and click pop yet they are all one thing – THIS IS THE SWAYZAK SOUND !

One of the few electronic bands who play truly live, their sets are never rehearsed or even pre-recorded. Swayzak shows can be chaotic but there is beauty and humanity in the chaos - something amiss from todays linear synced crowd. Their live set is as live as can be as two men with laptops , mixer and outboard effects mix in the spirit of dub . Neither know what the other is planning next ! 100% improvisation as a duo or with extra live band members (vocals Richard Davis , drums Francesco Brini) .

October 2010 will be the relaunch of their 240 volts label with major releases to come from several new projects, such as Brown's work with Richard Davis, Taylor's “Lugano Fell” project and a new Swayzak album in the pipeline for 2011.

With tracks being used in Hollywood movies, hit tv show Ugly Betty and South Korean kitchen commercials ! The Swayzak sound has crossed the globe yet still remain deeply underground...

Live, DJ or in the studio Swayzak are not the norm in this world of dull digital dance and have recently embarked on a VINYL only split release with friends “Greta Cottage workshop” . The records are of the highest quality 180gram vinyl and the artwork will be hand printed by Brown himself. Limited to 350 copies.

We are not finished with the old technology...


No sad goodbyes

After 14 years of fun and games, today we announce that James Taylor co-founder of Swayzak is to leave the group.

He is moving on to work on wine related projects and will also focus on his already established work as an Ableton Live trainer.

There will be a handful of select "one for the road" gigs , after which David (Brun) Brown will continue with the current Swayzak album project and running the 240 Volts label .

The move is entirely amicable and is seen as a natural progression by Taylor and Brown. James is not retiring from music completely and will continue with his ambient / drone' Lugano Fell' project and intends to play occasional live sets under his given name.

James says, "It's been a fantastic time doing Swayzak since 1997, I have nothing but good souvenirs. Thanks to everybody who helped us along the way, moreover thanks to David".

The final dates from Swayzak as a duo will be announced soon.

Vincent Parker [LIVE PA] ★


Vincent Parker may be a dance electronic act… but he is no by means a DJ.
Everything is played fresh so that each performance is unique, adaptive, personal, epic and inclusive.

Hailing from the bass drenched streets of East Vancouver, Vincent has his own instantly recognizable style. He creates his own brand of music a type of live blissed out psych power bass rhythms that are steeped in the psychedelic omnipresent mist of the Pacific Northwest.

Vincent plays a streamlined live PA setup consisting of a PC laptop running FL studio, two Kaoss pads v.2, vocal effects and an mpd32 controller.

it’s as if Sebastien Tellier and Mr.Oizo had a baby that grew up listening to gansta rap, slayer and radiohead

$15 tickets at Beatstreet, Vinyl & Zulu and online at​m​roductions

Doors 9pm - 12:30am | 19+ | 2 pieces of ID required

Vancouver, Canada // Tonality
Always sitting slightly off-centre, Jay Tripwire is an artist that walks the line as industry staple and ever changing innovator.
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