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Intimate presents :::: SiGNAL HALLOWEEN :::: DETROIT GRAND PUBAHS with guests Snailrider, Robin Banks + Abasi
Lotus Sound Lounge | 455 Abbott Street Vancouver, B.C. CA

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with guests
Snailrider, Robin Banks + Abasi

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Intimate Productions

Come celebrate Halloween this Saturday, October 30th, in the most creeptastic basement Vancouver city has to offer! SiGNAL presents a HALLOWS EVE party like no other featuring the funktastic sylings of the Detroit Grand Pubahs. It's rumored that the Lotus Basement has been home to numerous horrific events and Halloween is the night when the tortured souls let it all out on the Lotus dancefloor. Come see the amazing Hollywood Decore set up for this event and the crazy antics of the Detroit Grand Pubahs.

★ Cash Prizes For Best Costumes ★
★ Gruesomely Good Drink Specials ★
★ Fiendish Hollywood Decore ★

★ ★ Detroit Grand Pubahs ★ ★

The Pubahs are no novelty act. There is method to the madness and bass in the badness. It's just that something went awry in the funk lab and Paris The Black Fu just hasn‟t been feeling himself ever since. It's all about personality (well split personalities) and a mission to put the fun(k) back into techno. For many the realm of a faceless façade, Paris sets out to engage the crowd and bring the party. And that‟s what it was all about in the first place, wasn‟t it?

The teaming of Mack Goudy Jr. (aka Paris the Black Fu aka the Schizophrenic Brainchild of Funkno aka Dr. Bootygrabber) & The Mysterious Mr O was a natural disaster waiting to happen. Miraculously, the personalities of these two tweaked characters seemed to complement each other perfectly and instantly bonded them together.
The fine purveyors of funk-fueled electronics, Detroit Grand Pubahs are back with their fourth studio album. This time the crazed ringmaster, Paris The Black Fu resides over the "Madd Circus" with his equally deranged side-kick, The Mysterious Mr. O making sure that the animals are entertained and the kids are kept in check. Or should that be the other way round? Whilst the previous two Pubah's albums "Galactic Ass Creatures From Uranus" and "Nuttin' Butt Funk" could be seen as a techno-rump-obsessed double-bill, "Madd Circus" sees the duo return to the booty, electro-pop and funk of their critically acclaimed debut „Funk All Y‟all‟ and the skizoid electro of Paris's debut solo release "The Mad Circus EP" back in '99 on Detroit indie label Throw. As Paris himself states, “this album is a journey into the booty electro and pop contempo - almost funk but not quite so.” Well produced and still raw at the same time, "Madd Circus" is the best Detroit Grand Pubahs so far!
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For the past 4 years, SiGNAL at the Lotus Sound Lounge has consistently brought the goods for the best in electronic dance music. Our resident DJs have been rockin' the decks with assorted local and international talent joining them throughout. Add yourself to our Facebook group!


Doors 930pm | 19+ | 2 pieces of ID required
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