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SiGNAL Dance Party : LongWalkShortDock (LIVE, Birthday Set!) + ABASI
SiGNAL, Vancouver's premier underground electronic music dance party, is pleased to have LONGWALKSHORTDOCK on board for his birthday!
Lotus Sound Lounge | 455 Abbott Street Vancouver, B.C. CA

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SiGNAL presents LONGWALKSHORTDOCK (LIVE :: Birthday Set!) + resident DJ ABASI


About LongWalkShortDock aka LWSD aka Dave King


Longwalkshortdock essentially started the first time Dave King heard gritty electronic music in early 80s' videogames. Strongly influenced by these sounds and melodys, Dave started recording and looping segments as a child. He also got a taste for sampling and recording; Taping segments of his piano practice to fool his parents into thinking he was practising in the other room. Dave then noticed he was writing his profile in the third person......... After briefly considering the pretentious implications of doing this he decided to continue on with it. After the early years of video game loops, longwalkshortdock went through many years of musical genre infidelity and learned to play many instruments in many styles. After collecting gear, ideas, and collaborators, Dave decided to move from his home town of Calgary to Vancouver to take a degree in sound production and recording. Dave has worked in the studio and played live shows with a host of talented artists. Some highlights include : Playing Live @ Soundwave Music Festival w/Phil Western 04/05, and Opening for Alex Patterson (The Orb) solo @ Soundwave 07..... god i love Soundwave.... anyway, Since then longwalkshortdock has been putting together a large body of work both for album release this year (2008) and for live use in the hopes of creating a positive ear related experience. Also, watch for some remix work, some already available on Dave also hopes to do some recording and production work for some of Vancouver's more talented up and comers like Mike Soviet. Dave then decided that was enough information in the Bio for the time being and decided to stop adding to it right in the middle of typ

Footnote : Did you hear they found him on a cave on the moon? Thats what i heard....
SiGNAL at the Lotus Sound Lounge has consistently brought the goods for the best in electronic dance music. Our resident DJs have been rockin' the decks with assorted local and international talent joining them throughout.

Doors 9:30pm | 19+ | 2 pieces of ID required | Visuals by LightHead
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