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SiGNAL : The Annual ABASI (aka Farshad) Birthday Bash
It's time to celebrate! Bring on the birthday cakes!
Lotus Sound Lounge | 455 Abbott Street Vancouver, B.C. CA

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It is time for:

The Annual Abasi Birthday Bash @ SiGNAL!

If you know Farshad (DJ Abasi), you know he loves birthdays, whether they are his birthdays or his friends. Any excuse to get people out together for a good time is a good excuse, and birthdays are usually the best excuse.

So... if you know Farshad, you are required (yes, it is mandatory) to come out on Saturday March 20, socialize, dance and have a drink to help make this occasion even more special. After all, how often does he get to see most of you? Even if the answer is "very often", you are still required to come, no excuses :-)

DJs WOODHEAD, GLYN and of course, birthday boy ABASI will be your musical selectors for the evening, doing it house, electro, dancerock and techno styles. So the music is guaranteed to be pretty awesome.

Don't miss this. This is our chance to see each other, have a laugh and then some. After all, birthdays only come once a year.

Oh, and he has a pretty large guest list, so don't be shy and message about it (guestlist at Got lotsa of guest-list love to give.

Since taking over Saturdays at the Lotus in 2006, SiGNAL has consistently brought the goods for the best in electronic dance music. Our resident DJs have been rockin' the decks with assorted of local and international talent joining them throughout. Email guestlist requests to before 5pm on Saturday so we can accommodate you and your party.

Only $10 Before 11pm | 19+ | 2 Pieces of ID Required | Visuals by Lighthead
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