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SiGNAL : HALFWAY to SOUNDWAVE : Danksoul, Scott W, Fishbone, Abasi + Glyn
An All Star DJ Bday Bash!
Lotus Sound Lounge | 455 Abbott Street Vancouver, B.C. CA

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Our beloved outdoor festival will be exactly 6 months away in the middle of this month, and it just so happens that 5 friends of ours from Van Island, Alberta and right here in the city are celebrating their birthdays near the same time. Join us for a stellar night of beats by some of Soundwave's finest.


BRON (bday) + DANE GRETZKY (bday)
ABASI (may as well have a bday) + GLYN (bday)
SCOTT W (bday)

Doors 10pm - 3:00am
$12 before 11pm

SiGNAL at the Lotus Sound Lounge has consistently brought the goods for the best in electronic dance music. Our resident DJs have been rockin' the decks with assorted local and international talent joining them throughout.

Only $12 Before 11pm | 19+ | 2 Pieces of ID Required | Visuals by LightHead

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