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2 Massive Artists :: 1 Intimate Venue :: w/ SKAI & ANDY CLOCKWORK
Lotus Sound Lounge | 455 Abbott Street Vancouver, B.C. CA

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SiGNAL presents
Saturday November 14th

DJ T (Get Physical, Berlin) and

AUDION : Hecatomb Tour (LIVE, Ghostly, Detroit)

with SKAI (EMM/CocoonClub, Frankfurt) & SiGNAL resident ANDY CLOCKWORK

For almost twenty years Thomas Koch “DJ T.” has been a vital part of the techno and house scene. In a range of different capacities: among others, Koch worked and works as a DJ, producer, promoter, club operator, publisher and journalist. In 2005, he relocated from Frankfurt to Berlin.

Blame it all on the disco ball. Born in 1969 in the city of Dusseldorf, at the tender age of nine Koch succumbed to the glistening seduction of black vinyl. By this time, his family had moved to Frankfurt, “disco” had reached its zenith and Koch’s parents continued to ply him with early vinyl compilations, triggering what would become a serious and lifelong collection streak. T.’s burgeoning obsession went beyond disco and hi N-R-G – Village People, Donna Summer and Evelyn Thomas were soon followed by early rap music (via Grandmaster Flash) and finally – from 1983 – electro funk and its seminal protagonists Afrika Bambaataa, Planet Patrol, Newcleus and Mantronix. Their tracks had everything Koch craved: glam, funk, beats and bass. They were the soundtrack to a new dance culture. To Koch, this was love at first sight and he decided to take up breakdancing. Until this day, many of DJ T.’s own productions preserve the musical spirit of this period. Some loves do last forever.

Audion (aka Matthew Dear)
You could throw around generous descriptors and any number of genre-locking terms “electronic pop, minimal house, acid techno“ but you’d still fail to get to the center of Matthew Dear. With releases under no fewer than three aliases, including False (M_NUS), Jabberjaw (Perlon), and Audion (Spectral Sound), the Texas native has earned his international status over the course of a decade, getting his bearings on the DJ decks as a teenager to flooring sold-out crowds at venues like Fabric, and releasing universally praised original productions.

Audion is the side project of Texan Matthew Dear, whose releases under such monikers as Jabberjaw and False (as well as his birth name) established him as one of North America's foremost producers of minimal techno. Audion is a departure stylistically for Dear, as the tracks veer off into harder echno terrain than previous endeavors. The first release was the Kisses EP in 2004; it immediately caught the ears and eyes of the echno elite with its punishing compositions, suggestive song titles, and hypnotic record sleeve. Months later, a group of EPs -- The Pong and Just Fucking -- followed on Spectral Sound. A collection of songs from these EPs as well as several new tunes were compiled on the full-length CD debut Suckfish in October of 2005. In 2006, Audion curated a mix CD for the esteemed Fabric mix series and, later that summer, collaborated with Ellen Allien on a split single.

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Beat Street Records : 439 W. Hastings St. - 604.683.3344
Zulu Records : 1972 W. 4th Ave. - 604.738.3232
Vinyl Records : 319 W Hastings St. - 604.488.1234

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SiGNAL at the Lotus Sound Lounge has consistently brought the goods for the best in electronic dance music. Our resident DJs have been rockin' the decks with assorted local and international talent joining them throughout.

Doors 9:30pm - 4:00am | 19+ | 2 Pieces of ID Required | Visuals by LightHead | Laser by Aspect Media


Berlin, Germany // Get Physical
Thomas Koch aka DJ T. has been a vital part of electronic music and club culture for over 20 years. Uniquely accomplished in both influence and scope, he has excelled in every one of his incarnations: DJ, label owner, producer, club operator, publisher and journalist.
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